Sanada Derby Black

IDR. 285.000
Sanada shoes have been made from black and scotch black leather set on slightly exaggerated soles for a modern look. Wear yours to smarten up dark-wash jeans and other casual trousers.This shoes has combined with Semi Pullup Leather 1.8 mm, Synthetic Leather Insole And Linning,Micro Fibber Outsole Brygacraftmanship Marking, and High Pressure Cemented
Spesification :
Semi Pullup Leather 1.8 mm
Synthetic Leather Insole And Linning
Micro Fibber Outsole Brygacraftmanship Marking
High Pressure Cemented
Kenapa harus Brygan ??

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Catatan : Untuk ukuran model pendek tambahkan 1 cm dari tabel di atas, sedangkan untuk model boots tidak usah ditambahkan 1 cm.

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